Dome shaped tip design

  • Easier cannula introduction 
  • Reduced risk of bruising

The patented dome shaped tip of the STERiGLIDE™ offers less resistance than a traditional cannula tip. This reduces the cannula introduction force needed and the risk of bruising.

Nearest to tip filler delivery  

  • More accurate filler placement 
  • Reduced product loss

Practitioners can see and feel the end of the cannula tip. Delivery of filler near the end of the tip creates a more accurate sense of filler placement. It also reduces product loss at the distal end of the tip.

Proprietary surface treatment

  • Up to 50% better gliding 
  • Increased patient comfort

STERiGLIDE™ cannulas are made of the highest quality steel with a proprietary surface treatment coating. This reduces friction within the soft tissue enhancing patient comfort. The surface treatment also improves the handling and maneuverability of the cannula.          

Clear side-port marking

  • More accurate filler placement 
  • Better handling

The hard polymer hub of the STERiGLIDE™ cannula has a clear side-port marking that indicates the position of the cannula opening while serving as a visual guide for more accurate filler delivery.