The name in Japanese means... 

TASUKU to help

It is our desire to provide medical professionals high quality instruments that serve the well-being of patients around the world.

From product development to production we apply the highest quality standards, to ensure the safety of every patient that is being treated with our products. Our production facilities and certified cleanrooms passed the highest level of inspection and auditing standards by major overseas pharmaceutical companies, medical companies and authorities.

The TSK factory has ISO certified clean rooms that manufacture, market and export multiple medical products. Main products include hypodermic needles, transplant needles and biopsy needles for medical tests and examinations and OEM related products.

TSK and its employees take pride in producing quality products that contribute in improving general health care. Our needles are ground and polished with the highest precision. The sharpness and reliability of our needles earned a lot of praises from doctors around the world who use our TSK needles on a daily basis.